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Kreation Kids

We love welcoming young children into our community! We have both nursery (birth-2 years) and children’s church (3 years+) during our Sunday morning service.

Our children’s coordinator has been working in education for over 20 years! She works hard to connect children to the truth of the Bible in fun, interactive lessons each week. Children are currently working their way through the New Testament.

Creation Youth

Our Middle School and High School students meet every Sunday evening at 6:00. We encourage our youth to invite friends from the community and their schools.

  • 1st Sunday of the Month: we join the rest of Creation Church at our First Fruits worship/prayer service.
  • 2nd/4th Sunday of the Month: we meet for an hour to do a Bible study and have some fun.
  • 3rd Sunday of the Month: we have a social outing to build on our friendships.

Creation Young-Adults

We encourage our 20-somethings to live life together. We usually grab lunch together after our Sunday service. We also try to get together each week to hang out and lean on each other in our day-to-day lives.


Each Sunday we encourage our congregation to come again at 6:00 that evening for D-Groups.

  • Men’s D-group: meets every Sunday for Bible-study.
  • Women’s D-group: meets every 2nd and 4th Sunday for Bible-Study.

Prayer Ministry

  • We meet every Sunday morning at 9:00 to join in prayer before our Sunday service
  • We dedicate the first Sunday evening in our First Fruits meeting to a time of worship and prayer to grow closer to God and bring to Him the concerns on our hearts. We use this time to Praise God and pray for our church, community, nation, and whatever else God lays on our hearts.
  • We are committed to building a prayer ministry where we can share our prayer concerns as a community.

Spanish Ministry

  • Our Spanish ministry meets Sunday mornings at Noon and Thursday evenings at 7:00.
  • For more information on our Spanish ministry, contact Pastor Rene. reneriveri1@msn.com.

ESL (English as a Second Lanuage) Ministry

We have a ESL class Tuesday evenings 6:30-8:30 throughout the school year. Our ESL coordinator has spent time doing missionary work in Spanish-speaking countries. If you would like more information on ESL, please contact us.

Jonathan Edwards School of Ministry

Jonathan Edwards School of Ministry is an exciting and thriving Bible-school we offer that is meant to equip the members of the church to become leaders. The material is the result of years of research and field-testing, and covers the essential topics for developing leaders.

One night a week, students receive a comprehensive presentation of theology and practical training for life and ministry that is built around the framework of loving God, one another and the world. The material is interactive, practical, adaptable, and inspiring. Students are taught how to study the Bible, teach publically, lead a discussion, pray for healing, counsel people, serve the lost, share their faith, manage their finances, build healthy homes… everything they need to be leaders in their church and community.

What People Say

The number one reason I attend this church is because of the preaching and the teaching. What is so good about the preaching and teaching is that God’s word is broken down into a simple and meaningful message that is easy for me to understand. I have learned so much about what it means to be a Christian. My Christian walk now is about putting my trust in the Lord and knowing what He did on that cross has paid for all my sins in FULL. Being brought up in a catholic church I always wondered if my life on earth was going to be good enough to earn eternal life in heaven. I do not have to wonder about that anymore. I KNOW because of what Jesus did on the cross and in my heart I have accepted Jesus as my LORD and savior I will have eternal life.

The second reason I attend this church is the people. Creation Church is a church made up of people that accept you where you are in life. The people here are very loving and friendly. When new visitors come in the people just want to find out a little about you and try to make you feel comfortable and at home in this church.


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About Creation Church

Creation Church is a place where everyone knows your name. We are a welcoming community who love to live life together. We spend time together after service over coffee, juice, and snacks fellowshipping and building community. We’d love to get to know you better!

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